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A Uniquely Personalized, Mindful Wellness Practice 

Yoga Dallas is the premier concierge Yoga service in the DFW Metroplex that provides deeply personalized and mindful wellness services to the Dallas Yoga Community.


Whether you are just starting out with incorporating Yoga into your wellness program, or are interested in advanced wellness and Yoga programs, Yoga Dallas by Bryne Boyer would love to work with you.  

Bryne is a mother of two and brings over 20 years of experience and hundreds of hours of extensive training in Yoga and is a well-known Doula and Childbirth education expert.


Bryne believes that Wellness is a holistic approach that must incorporate mind, body, movement, breathing, and meditation to be effective, and incorporates these into programs with clients.


As a founder of several Wellness programs in Alabama and Texas, she previously ran her own studios and developed Yoga and Wellness programs for inner-city children. She also currently teaches at several Montessori schools in the DFW metroplex.

More About Bryne Boyer


Mother, Doula, Entreprenuer

Born in Dallas, Bryne attended the Arts Magnet School for performing and vistual arts in Dallas, TX, where she also studied ballet.  

Bryne's own spiritual transformation has included navigating the tremendous and untimely loss of her father, who was her mentor and soul-mate. Despite this loss, Bryne found her calling and center through a deep commitment to mindfulness, meditation, and Yoga and a deep connection to the human spirit.  

Bryne's early awakening to the mind-body connection led her to explore Yoga which in turn transformed her life and its defined its future path.  

A mother of two, Bryne has taught and mentored exceptional Yoga programs for kids and adults throughout the United States and she holds the distinct reputation of being a leader in wellness programs for inner-city children.  

Bryne also co-owned and ran a successful Yoga studio and practice in Birmingham, Alabama, Dallas, and McKinney, TX where she helped people through a journey into bringing a transformative Yoga and mindfulness regimen into their lives.  

Featured on several local and national talk-shows and programs, Bryne has a reputation for helping people in a variety of ways.


Bryne now lives in McKinney, TX with her two children and enjoys being connected with her local community in the DFW Metroplex.  

bryne boyer- Yoga Dallas

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